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Title:L'économie politique en une leçon
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Henry Hazlitt
Publisher:Institut Charles Coquelin
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:185
Category:Economics, Non fiction, Politics, Business, Finance

L'économie politique en une leçon by Henry Hazlitt

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC L'économie politique en une leçon Here is a publishing event the new Mises Institute edition of the classic book that has taught many millions sound economic thinking It is a hardbound volume priced very low thanks to special benefactors and now available in quantity discounts for distribution to your friends family and anyone you meet who needs to understand what economics implies for the society government and civilization .

Henry Hazlitt wrote this book following his stint at the New York Times as an editorialist His hope was to reduce the whole teaching of economics to a few principles and explain them in ways that people would never forget It worked He relied on some stories by Bastiat and his own impeccable capacity for logical thinking and crystal clear prose .

He was writing under the influence of Mises himself of course but he brought his own special gifts to the project As just one example this is the book that made the idea of the broken window fallacy so famous .

What thrills us in particular about this new edition is that it is beautiful it is hardcover and it is newly typeset for modern readers It has a full index It includes a wonderful foreword by Walter Block It s the right size shape and feel perfect for making this book central to all educational efforts of the future .

This is the book to send to reporters politicians pastors political activists teachers or anyone else who needs to know .

Professor Block explains that it was this book that turned him on to economics as a science He believes that it is probably the most important economics book ever written in the sense that it offers the greatest hope to educating everyone about the meaning of the science .

Written for the non academic it has served as the major antidote to fallacies in the popular press and has appeared in dozens of languages and printings It s still the quickest way to learn how to think like an economist And this is why it has been used in the best classrooms more than sixty years .

Many writers have since attempted to beat this book as an introduction but have never succeeded Hazlitt s book remains the best Even if you own this book already or have several past editions you will want to have this book as your own as a wonderful testament to its place in the world of ideas .

In putting this edition together we chose to work from Hazlitt s own first edition because it contains the core of what is crucial here without later updates that only date the book As with Mises and Human Action the author s first instincts were the best ones .

Contents .

Part One The Lesson Part Two The Lesson Applied o The Broken Window o The Blessings of Destruction o Public Works Mean Taxes o Taxes Discourage Production o Credit Diverts Production o The Curse of Machinery o Spread the Work Schemes o Disbanding Troops and Bureaucrats o The Fetish of Full Employment o Who s Protected by Tariffs o The Drive for Exports o Parity Prices o Saving the X Industry o How the Price System Works o Stabilizing Commodities o Government Price Fixing o Minimum Wage Laws o Do Unions Really Raise Wages o Enough to Buy Back the Product o The Function of Profits o The Mirage of Inflation o The Assault on Savings o The Lesson Restated .

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