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Theories of Organization

Theories of Organization - Read Online or Download Theories of Organization by Henry L. Tosi Book For Free. Available forma: PDF, TXT , ePub , PDB , RTF, Audio Books - Henry L. Tosi s Theories of Organization offers a unique treatment of a broad range of important theoretical approaches to the study of organizations, including a thorough overview of classical theory, institutional theory, population ecology, critical organization theory, and postmodern approaches. Tosi also provides a helpful summary of the work of Chester Barnard, the contributions of James March and Herbert Simon, and economic approaches to organization. Rather than focusing on specific topics, such as authority, goals, and organizational structure, this unique treatment of organizational theory provides comprehensive coverage of the important variables and relationships in each of a broad range of theories, thus providing the reader with a thorough understanding of each of the theoretical models included. Key Features: Includes excerpts from seminal works and summaries of key theoretical models that form the basis of the field of organization theory Features a logical organization, with each of the main sections serving as a summary or abstract of a theoretical framework including variables and propositions thus allowing the reader to see the entire theoretical framework and all of its attendant interrelationships Provides concepts and methodology that have been class-tested successfully over many years Helps readers understand each of the theoretical models included by explaining the variables constituting each theoretical network in a clear, straightforward writing styleIntended Audience: This book is useful as a supplemental text in advanced undergraduate or graduate courses in Organizational Theory.

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