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My Dangerous Desires: A Queer Girl Dreaming Her Way Home

PDF Online My Dangerous Desires: A Queer Girl Dreaming Her Way Home with other formats. Download and Read Online books My Dangerous Desires: A Queer Girl Dreaming Her Way Home Online Amber L. Hollibaugh, Ebooks search download books in easy way to download My Dangerous Desires: A Queer Girl Dreaming Her Way Home books for multiple devices. - Amber L. Hollibaugh is a lesbian sex radical, ex-hooker, incest survivor, gypsy child, poor-white-trash, high femme dyke. She is also an award-winning filmmaker, feminist, Left political organizer, public speaker, and journalist. My Dangerous Desires presents over twenty years of Hollibaughs writing, an introduction written especially for this book, and five new essays including A Queer Girl Dreaming Her Way Home, My Dangerous Desires, and Sexuality, Labor, and the New Trade Unionism. In looking at themes such as the relationship between activism and desire or how sexuality can be intimately tied to ones class identity, Hollibaugh fiercely and fearlessly analyzes her own political development as a response to her unique personal history. She explores the concept of labeling and the associated issues of categories such as butch or femme, transgender, bisexual, top or bottom, drag queen, b-girl, or drag king. The volume includes conversations with other writers, such as Deirdre English, Gayle Rubin, Jewelle Gomez, and Cherre Moraga. From the groundbreaking article What Were Rollin Around in Bed With to the radical Sex Work Notes: Some Tensions of a Former Whore and a Practicing Feminist, Hollibaugh charges ahead to describe her reality, never flinching from the truth. Dorothy Allisons moving foreword pays tribute to a life lived in struggle by a working-class lesbian who, like herself, refuses to suppress her dangerous desires. Having informed many of the debates that have become central to gay and lesbian activism, Hollibaughs work challenges her readers to speak, write, and record their desiresespecially, perhaps, the most dangerous of themin order for us all to survive.

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